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Fall Preparations in Minnesota

New Deck Builder in MN

Here are some tips from AJN to get prepared for the FALL and WINTER season in Minnesota

Clean out your gutters

Make sure you clean out all the little/big items that could be clogging up your gutters. Failure to do so and can create ice dams on your home. To help avoid water entering your home make sure everything is draining properly and clear out the gunk.

Air Management

A great way to save on energy costs is to make sure your heat is not escaping to the outdoors through cracks and faulty windows. Framing and weather striping can save you a bundle and prolong the life of your furnace.

Give the proper attention to your furnace.

Changing your filter regularly enhances airflow and improves your furnace's ability to function without having to work extra hard, Make sure you get the system cleaned out and inspected to avoid any COLD lessons in furnace management/maintenance.

Don’t neglect the Ducts!

The ducks fly south, but your Ducts need help while they stick around for the cold seasons. It is easy to forget the little fellas that deliver the comforting warmth of the furnace. Making sure everything is cleaned out and and sealed up can help with the production of your furnace and be helpful with allergies. Get and preemptive inspection. This may save you some money and cold days/nights in your home. This can also save you some dough on the cost over energy all year round!

Sun’s down, lights go on

We lose daylight this time of year and we will have our lights on more often. Make sure to check your bulbs and replace with high efficiency that last longer and use less energy.

MN winter is well on it’s way. Get prepared and use these tips now so you can save money and avoid some potential headaches during the days of FROZEN MINNESOTA.

AJN is here to help! #happyfall #beprepared #savemoney

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