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Article for the Kitchen Remodel in Maple Grove + Twin Cities area.


Kitchen remodeling usually tops the Maple Grove homeowners list of most desired refurbishments options. Everyone desires to have an excellent kitchen (if your present one doesn’t fit your needs or taste). In any case, most of us in the Minneapolis MN area won’t have any idea of how intrusive a major kitchen remodeling can be, if not attempted with a well planned approach. Here are some smart tips on kitchen re-modeling:

  • Plan an alternate cooking space. A major rebuild can take quite some time to complete (from few weeks to even months at end). Amіd this time, you won’t have appropriate access to your kitchen and must seek an alternative cooking space.

  • Plan the “nitty gritties” well in advance. Your kitchen re-modeling can turn into a major fiasco and disappointment if you don’t hire a quality kitchen remodeling contractor from the Maple grove or Twin Cities area. Choosing a quality local contractor is essential for a successful kitchen project. Choosing the wrong contractor may lead to hiring low quality workers, unrealistic estimates, missed landmarks and spending beyond the budget which can cost you MORE money in the long run. This is a sure recipe to flop kitchen remodeling and a long face at the end of day.

  • Don’t be shy in discussing with your kitchen remodeling contractor in the Twin Cities/ Maple Grove areas. It is important to be absolutely sure about “what is coming up” in your kitchen remodeling plan. The best way is to discuss it with your chosen kitchen remodeling contractor. He or she must be qualified in briefing you about everything about your kitchen remodeling (from the estimates to the completion timelines etc).

  • Add days to the completion time estimates while planning. Most kitchen remodeling projects would invariably take more than planned days to complete. Chip in the delay factor in your planning calculations. Tight timelines would only result in low quality work and frustration for you.

  • Look for the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Maple Grove (even if it costs a bit more). There is no denying the fact that quality comes at a price and when it comes to selecting the kitchen remodeling contractor, opt for the best in business. This is for many good reasons. It is only a truly professional kitchen remodeling contractor like AJN Remodeling who would understand the finer delicacies linked with quality kitchen remodeling.

A smart kitchen remodeling contractor would understand the latest in kitchen remodeling, ensure usage of best materials and only hire quality manpower to deliver you the optimum results.

  • Plan the remodeling to last a lifetime. Please remember, kitchen remodeling is an costly investment, intrusive and time intensive. You cannot afford to go about remodeling you kitchen every other year. Be clear of your priorities and any future expansion in your family or likely cooking habits. Discuss it with your selected contractor before finalizing the details. The same applies to selection of fittings, accessories and any add-ons to your existing kitchen items

  • Some smart questions to ask your kitchen remodeling contractor in Maple Grove.

• Can I have a look at your portfolio?

• May I know about your achievements and track record?

• Do you provide options and alternative plans?

• What would be the job completion timeline?

Call AJN Building and Remodeling for your free quote to make your kitchen remodel dreams a reality.

• How can I save costs on different options?

• What special features you offer in eco-friendly or green kitchen?

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