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kitchen and bathroom remodling maple grove MN

Residential Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels
for Homes in Maple Grove, MN

Custom kitchens are our specialty! Refresh your Maple Grove, MN home with our expert residential kitchen and bathroom remodels. AJN Building & Remodeling specializes in creating customized dream kitchens for local residents. Let us help recreate your living spaces with personalized designs and our high-quality craftsmanship. Schedule a consultation today!

custom kitchen builder maple grove n

Looking to update or refresh your kitchen or bathroom? 

Since 2003, we’ve provided Minnesotans in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area with superior home remodel services, including residential kitchen remodel services and bathroom remodeling.

We live here just like you, and we’ll take as much pride in your home as you do.

Whether you have a detailed vision or just yearn for a change, we can take your kitchen or bathroom from
so-so to showpiece.  

kitchen remodling maple grove MN

Our Residential Kitchen and Bathroom
Remodel Experience

Our team of experienced remodeling professionals can help you bring your kitchen or bathroom renovation from a dream to a reality you can enjoy. Our goal is to provide quality workmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. 

Your initial consultation is always with owner Aaron Boyle because every project deserves attention from the top. Your kitchen or bathroom size and layout are always taken into account with your personal taste and vision, with an eye towards maintaining your home’s structural integrity and visually continuous flow

AJN remodeling a bathroom in MN

We do all we can to minimize excess expense along the way for a kitchen you and your wallet can be happy with.

To schedule your initial consultation, or to get a free quote, call the New Hope office at 763-691-9797 or the Hanover office at 763-498-7737 today.

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