We had decided to add an addition on to our house but had no names, references, or connections to a contractor to do the work. Not sure what I'd find but I looked through the ads in the local shopper and found one that said: "discounted rates and will finish on time." WOW......that was two pretty powerful issues and certainly ones you are rarely accustomed to seeing in an ad. Even though we were not familiar with who AJN was it was enough for us to make the call.


Little did we know that this was going to be the best call we could have ever made............even if it was a Sunday evening and we left
a message to return our call. Aaron called back on Monday morning and came by to check out what we had in mind at 1:30 p.m.  
It was impressive to get that quick a response, but it turned out that that is how Aaron runs his business. Within a week he was back with a quote and to our surprise it was lower than we had anticipated it might be.........but the ad did say "discounted rates," so that appeared to be true.

My main concern was how long this was going to take to get the job done as I hate living in a mess and having saw dust all over the house for months and months. Aaron said they'd have the job done in 60 days. That was totally acceptable with us for 
what we wanted to have done. But, we'd have to wait and see if he would meet the deadline.

Aaron and his workers showed up every morning at 8:00 and they worked as a team all day long. Never once did they notshow up on time, or not show up when they were supposed to be here. They did an awesome job on the addition and we just
love it.


But guess what............instead of finishing ON TIME, they finished 2 weeks early!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides that, two days before they had the job completed, we decided to add on a small deck and so they stayed on a few more days and did that for us too yet.


They were the most delightful guys to have work for us. We hated to see them go. Recently we just decided to redo the bathroom and OF COURSE we called Aaron and once again he and his guys did a great job.

We are very pleased with all the work AJN has done for us.

AJN Remodeling Review