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Kitchen Remodeling Edina, MN

The AJN Building & Remodeling team loves kitchen remodeling for our customers in Edina and the Minneapolis Metro.  We have over 20 years of experience in kitchen remodels and design.  The first steps in getting a new kitchen are having a consultation with a professional kitchen designer to see what kind of options you have and finding out what is most important for you.  With every project in construction, there are always options and decisions to make that can be very challenging without an experienced contractor to guide your vision and make it a reality.  We understand the value of asking the right questions about your kitchen and gain a full understanding of what your dream kitchen looks like.  The art of kitchen remodeling comes with a lot of variables like the placement of cabinets, utilities, plumbing, countertop options and there is so much to think about to get everything just right.  Our trained kitchen remodeling squad has helped dozens of our MN customers sort through the tough choices and make the right recommendations so our customers get the most out of their remodel and optimize their space.  Not sure where to start?  Call us today or contact us online where we can get together and start building your dream kitchen in 2019.     

Example of our Kitchen Remodeling services in Edina 2019

Need more than kitchen remodeling for your home?  AJN proudly offers our customers in Edina and the Twin Cities Metro a variety of home remodeling services.  Here are some more services available by our professional team of design experts and pro installers.